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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 26, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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marry in the district of columbia. i would like to marry her in my hometown instead of going out there in the other country. >> i'm a christian. first of all, i believe in god and the bible says it's not just between a man and a woman. >> 10 of the counts have signed on with the cosponsors with the same-sex marriage bills. >> people share the rights to vote on this. they have the ability to call on the advisory referendum. >> what we find in the district is the ma jr. few of the clergy -- majorities of the clergies. >> the opponents of the same-sex marriage say if they lose here, it appears likely they will then to go to court and to congress which has the final say over the law. >> and what we're talking about in this case is not interfering in anies religious organizations now to praefp as they please and to solemnize or not to solemnize according to their teachings. >> we're talking about the civil law. >> and this legislation does not require religious organizations
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to marry the same-sex couples. it does say that if those religious organizations provide the services that are available to the public, that they have to include the same-sex marriage couples. leslie, back to you. >> bruce, thank you for that. we just received word that the woman was found shot for them multiple times in her head inside her apartment. and the 42-year-old, karen was found dead on saturday afternoon. police tell us this was a domestic incident and there is no public threat. now to our h1n1 update. more children might be contracting the illness. contracting several school districts today. they told us that 10,000 students were home sick today. nearly double the absentee rate from a typical day. montgomery county says approximately 1400 students had flu-like symptoms. but they could not tell us how many kids actually missed class today. and now this is a look for them in prince william county. there were hundreds of people waiting for the nasal mist form of the
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nasal h1n1 vaccine. this is a clinic that runs until 7:00 to want. the nasal version is approved only for healthy adults up to age 49 and healthy children two or older. two separate helicopter crashes in afghanistan killed 14 americans today. it's another reminder that this is the deadliest year for the troops since the war there began. and this comes at a time when president obama has important decisions to make about strategy. dave statter has the story. >> reporter: it's a belief that enemy fire was involved in the helicopter crashes. one did occur after the fire fight that killed seven troops and three dea agents. the other was a collision between the choppers. >> 14 americans gave their lives. they were willing to risk their lives in this case to prevent afghanistan from once again become the extreme ally. >> they were in florida giving the speech to the military. they also had their zit reading with the national security
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team. the debate continues whether to send another 40,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan. >> if we could quickly get the forces in there, then perhaps we wouldn't have lost the critical time. but as the general said, time matters. i'm afraid with every passing day, we risk the future success of the mission. >> reporter: the goal of that mission is to keep the taliban from providing the safe haven that allows al qaeda to launch the ter roar -- terror attacks. >> he's doing his job. he is being thoughtful. he's wrestling with frankly one of the toughest decisions that i have ever seen the president needing to make. and now that was the deadliest day in afghanistan in four years. one of the crashes occurred after a raid on the suspected drug traffickers. that's the crash that killed the three u.s. drug enforcement agencies. >> all right, thank you for that. people in baghdad are preparing for another round of funerals. a pair of the car bombs went off within one minute of each other on sunday. one was captured on the cell
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phone video. the bombings killed at least 155 people. they want justice, calling themselves friends of dennies and they have a request from hillary clinton. help now. that's a west african country. the bigamist by two northwest pilots earlier this month. >> they were not sleeping when they missed their destination by 150 miles. but those two pilots were in violation of the company policy. and the federal investigators say that the pilots, they were on their laptops going over the schedule. it's not clear whether they will face any type of discipline. we're just a little more than two hours away from the big matchup between the redskins and the philadelphia eagles. and sky nine is high above the
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field where the fans of both sides are making their way and scott broom, they are out there somewhere. scott, what can you tell us? >> well, i'll tell you what, on monday night football, the ultimate national stage in a lot of fans that are coming here, and they are well aware in part of the discontent going on with the redskins. we expect tonight, the redskins again to step up their efforts to put that out there on them and the signs and other sort of negative fan signs of discontent here in the stadium tonight. step it up tonight. signs like dumb and dumber and wearing bags on head, etc. security staff at the stadium, they are entering that tonight, expected to confiscate the stuff as they come in, not going well with a lot of fans as you might imagine out in the parking lot for them from annapolis maryland, you can see their t-shirt there, skins, they suck they said. they will try to get it into the stadium by hooker crook tonight.
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>> i've got a back up here for them to throw over, so i don't need to see what they came, but we need to try to walk in with it. we shouldn't have them take it away. and we're paying the ticket price. we should be able to do that. a lot of the fans i have talked to, they said okay. let them draw the line. they need to express themselves with whatever signs and the t-shirts out there they they would like to. it's not going happen. they are preparing to confiscate stuff as they come into monday night football here on the field. reporting live at fedex field, scott broom and we've got passionate fans hire in washington. thank you for that. brett haber and sarah walsh will have a full preview for you of
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the game coming up. and topper, we'll take a look at the weather. the weather forecast will tell you if the rain is going to hold off. it could be pretty nice. they are going into the books, averaging about 64 to 46. they are on our website out there on up next, virginia's report card on the gang crime. find out if it's a passing grade. just a week and a day until virginia voters decide on their next governor and democrats to see that they are desperately trying to make up for the loss ground. i'm bruce leshan and the story coming up.
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tfzfzf2 i'm steve shannon, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. in this attack ad, ken cuccinelli says, "it's a study in contrasts and judgment," and it is. steve shannon was a fairfax county prosecutor who convicted hundreds of drunk drivers. ken cuccinelli has no experience as a prosecutor. and ken cuccinelli opposed
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tougher penalties for repeat drunk drivers. he said, quote, "a suspect might not recall a previous dui arrest." that's the true contrast. the check of the skins traffic. how is it looking?
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>> that's right. they want action out there. we are keeping our eyes on roadways leading to them right now as you can see on the inner loop. they are coming on as well. and they are heavy out there towards the land overroad for them and also having towards the central avenue for them and the access and also arena drive abg ses. so expect some delays. the good news right now, no accident to report in this stretch as well as any other parts of the area either in virginia or maryland. that's the good news. metro once again, they are also going to be busy tonight as you can see the blue one right here. so that is good news, but expect delays for them. also not on metro, that's the good news that will be a long night, but hopefully a good night for the redskins fans. >> all right, thank you for that. >> and tonight, they will hold a public hearing for them to call for more mass transits that will be the first time in 25 years
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that the council has taken such a thorough ground breaking look at the issues. something new are the random checks. they will be conducted with all of them and the administration. and we're talking about random checks of the luggage and the other carry-on items. they should plan to spend extra time sporting the trains. all right, shopping for a car that is good on fuel and your wallet. and the epa recently released their lists of the best and the worst fuel efficient 2010 models. first the leaders. the smart car and them, the mazda and the mini cooper. the least fuel efficient and probably the most expensive models made by them and ferarri. can any of us really afford those? we've got a complete list on our website. just click on living smart.
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are they done with little more than a week away from the virginia's governor race? we take a look at them last efforts for the support. and then tonight at 11, we'll show you how they are forcing some homeowners to pay off their mortgages before they could rent. and now no rent nightmare, only 9news now tonight at 11. there are moments in time
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just a week and a day until they pick their next governor and they are desperately trying to make up a deficit that adds one point near the double digits. president obama, they will campaign for the deeds out there and despite some distancing at the white house, the race is widely seen as a test of the president's power and the popularity. bruce leshan has a look.
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>> reporter: that helped president obama turn blue for the first time in decades. >> it's kind of hard to transition from the big presidential campaign to a state campaign. >> they will need to rack up the big margins like them. >> i said a little narrowing of the gap. >> but out on the street, it's far from the tide. >> we'll be looking for them. >> some of my democratic friends that are undecided. normally they would go with that candidate. and this year, the president, they are campaigning for the deeds on tuesday. >> but there is at least the perception for them acing among some in the public that the deeds campaign, they have been holding president obama at arms lengths. and they had some negative comments over the weekend about the public option in healthcare reform. at one point, they said they were the deeds democrat, not
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the nobana democrat. >> i'm not going to put my sins on anyone else. i think for myself and i try to reflect at that all times. >> they were campaigning in springfield and insisting that the three big newspaper endorsements will help them turn the corner. >> is there anything that you regret about how you run the campaign? >> not at all, nothing. >> and in springfield, >> he was endorsed by the washington post, the virginia pilot, and the roanoke times. they won the knot on subd from the richmond times disbatch. they've got guides for you online on you'll see the bios of all the candidates in all the virginia races and polling information. a new reward will help generate the leads in a search for the missing virginia tech
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student who disappeared two weekends ago at the university of virginia where she was attending a concert by the heavy metal rock ground. police say she became separated from her friends when she left the arena. northern virginia is winning the war on bang violence. that's the good news out of the special gang task force meeting in leesburg. that task force is made up the with federal state and local law enforcement. they have been studying and fighting the gang activity for six years while it appears those efforts, they are holding off. >> if you live in a neighborhood, that's a form of the terrorism. not a time to slack off to say you can cut back in the afterschool programs to cut that back. gang-related time is down 13%. >> all right, look, we need
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some stuff to work out in the redskins favor. no rain, cool. not too cool for them to sum it up. that's all i got. here is your forecast and the redskins forecast, really. low 50s by the time that they are over and the low 60s by the time that they start. it'll be cool and comfortable really. now, our next three days, rain and showers tomorrow. primarily in the morning, the upper 50s. another batch of the rain and showers on wednesday. primarily in the morning around 60. and very nice on thursday. and temperatures back up. and clouds on the increase, it'll be cool. showers are possible by dawn. but well after midnight. they will be over out there and everybody could be home actually before any showers roll in. and 44 to 49.
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winds are easterly at about 10. lows tonight, 40s around 50s downtown. 44 great falls, 47 out there. and 46 in silver spring and mid-40s out towards there. temperatures are cool. now tomorrow morning, best chance for showers in the 50s. kind of chilly. by the afternoon, to keep the chance of showers in. satellite picture, just a lot of clouds for now. they will thicken up. we'll see the showers in here by tomorrow just in time for the rush hour. and take a look at their own forecast. showers and rain primarily in the morning and 58 downtown. next seven days. upper 50s tomorrow. and another, another -- again, another batch out there. very nice on thursday, 70 on friday. a shower late.
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showers are possible to keep you posted on that. and dry for trick or treating and then cooler on sunday and monday. >> all right, thank you for that. after the week, they will finally get down to play some football. and brett haber is live at fedex field with a preview. hey brett. >> reporter: hey there. it's been a nice circus around the parts over the last three weeks. if they win tonight, all of that is forgotten. just about two hours from the kickoff now redskins and eagles. what about the whole play calling fiasco? how is it going to work? will jason campbell make the most of his second chance or will it be his last chance? sarah and i get you ready for redskins eagles live right after this. ( "love hurts" by nazareth playing )
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back live along here to talk about the payoff and the confusion for them all of which will be quickly forgotten with one simple thing a victory tonight. >> and of course just getting a place could be considered as success. >> we joke about the whole play calling situation and how they would work. getting the first look at the system tonight. the redskins, they will have a crazy game of the telephone by which they relay the offensive plays for them calling the type of play. >> and that is translated on the sidelines for them if you will and to pass it onto them to
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jason campbell in the huddle. and it is a recipe from the game penalties. the redskins say hey, we can't do any worse. we have been knowing that for a while. and we all want our things for them if you want to call that to turn things around. we have not played good enough. and therefore, this will be a great opportunity for us to come out there to show you the world that we could be something for them and we could be one as a team. >> and a complicating matter as they call that for two of the key players that might not be at full speed this evening. >> and a hundred million dollars for them both missing the entire week of practice. and they are both expected to strap up and it is not known how long they will go. >> there is one person benefited by surrounding the team.
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he never returned after going 9-16 with an interception. they were trying to put them in although neither quarterback managed a touchdown. and let's be honest, they have been under fire for months. >> they have been on a short lease for them. you know, to have a lot to be call for them and the things in my head which we feel like we need to make the quicker decisions than the usual. and sometimes that gets you in trouble. and i feel like we're trying to do the things to trust them to do their jobs. and i need to work on myself. >> and now the decision to go with campbell might be more about their legs instead of their arms. they are far more mobile than todd kol ins -- kolens. you better be. we learned this week, they will be back this season. they will continue to be the
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team's weakest position. and they could not find a worse time to wind up on monday night football. they are a squad afterall to this poeupt, they only embarrassed themselves. they have a chance to embarrass themselves on the national stage. and no doubt the monday night football crew will be focusing quite a bit on the whole circuits of the play calling that has gone on with the redskins the past week. perhaps they will focus more on how effective they are for them and these redskins players, they would like nothing more than to get out on the monday night football to shut everyone up. >> they don't get out from monday night football. one of the things that you live for in this league, we're all looking forward to it. it'll be a good matchup for people back home that will be watching. everybody is going to be watching. so florida be an exciting time. >> that is the general excitement to see. it's a night game and everyone is going to be watching. >> meanwhile if you're with us last hour, you saw the tribute to them. the redskins legend, going into the fame tonight.
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he has not told us what he's going to say but knowing brian, it'll be good. and mr. don't forget, we'll be posting the updates on our website and we'll have those pregame scratches for them right before the kickoff. >> we'll be back with more as they get ready to go. until then for sarah walsh, i'll throw in brian mitchell's name as well. brett haber, we're live. >> you've got a busy night ahead. thank you. fore real quick. >> it'll hopbd tonight, the weather that is. and then tomorrow, in the 50s tomorrow. only about 60 with more rain and showers on thursday warming up by the end of the week. >> all right, changing things up a little bit. >> yes. >> all right, that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. derek will see you at 7:00. don't forget, is always on. have a great night.
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